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When is a bookstore not a bookstore?

This is just a mild rambling but one that always catches me by surprise. Since we opened our doors almost five years ago we have had a number of people refer to our shop as the library. Now, I can understand it when a small child comes into the store and is confused, but not adults. I’m a bit disappointed when a ten year old thinks we’re a library, but not totally surprised. But it’s the adults who come in ask refer to us as the library.

What do you think is going on? Careless use of language? Lack of exposure to a real library? Just not paying attention? We had a representative from an organization come in to pick up a gift certificate (hint, spending money) when her cell phone rang and she said, “I can’t talk, I’m at the library.”

We had a few customers come in and ask if we loaned books out. And I pointed out that they were looking for the library down the street. Or how about the customers who came in and asked if they could return books their books in exchange for others. I stood with my mouth open, trying not to laugh. “Uh, no, but have you been to the library?”

You tell me, what’s going on here. I’ve never seen this before in any bookstore except this one.

And tell me we don’t NEED public libraries.
-Stanley wonders

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