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What moves you?

I feel a compulsion to give you a title a day. Then I think better of that strategy and hold back. Books are very special to me. Some are treasures that I hate to see pass into obscurity. I want to tell you about those titles. Other books may not have been so impressive but I want to tell you know how they took me to other books. And even a simple book chat with a customer has brought me down unexpected paths. Isn’t that just like life? We can’t possibly know what’s down each and every path until we walk it. There’s just no way to know everything. All we can do is hope to stay open to the experiences that come our way. Sometimes I’m open to them, other times I might be distracted. Shiny objects and pretty covers can turn my head. But there are some well crafted phrases that draw me back to read Birds In Fall again, to check out On Beauty, or Mary Oliver’s poetry, or Merton’s description of awakening at the corner of Fourth and Walnut (Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander).

We move forward with new books and we hold onto the friends who keep us connected to our humanity. THIS is why I love books. This is why I read and urge you to read. The Book of Salt, Lying Awake, Traveling Mercies, The Secret Life of Bees.

Tell me what makes you stop and ponder. What book catches your breath? Is there something you really think we should be reading? We can’t possibly get to them all, but it’s wonderful to know what it is that excites you when you read.

Tell me. Tell us.

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