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The Selection

The Selection(Harper)

It’s here! It’s finally here! The Selection is here!

I absolutely loved this book as soon as I read it. America Singer is an average and beautiful girl in the dystopian country of Illea, the country formed from the remains of future America. She’s from a family of 5s, according to the Illean class system, dedicating them to the arts. America is already known to be a wonderful singer and violinist, and has experimented with many other forms of music. After her boyfriend, Aspen – a 6, agrees he will marry her if she puts her name in for the Selection, meaning that she might be one of the 35 girls chosen from across the country to mingle with the Prince at the palace. One of the 35 girls will become his wife, the future queen of Illea. What are the chances that she’ll be chosen anyway? In this case, very high, with her radiant smile being photographed for her entry as she thinks about marrying Aspen. She’s one of the first few names chosen by the Prince himself! But America doesn’t want to be a princess – a 1, she doesn’t want to be a Chosen – making her and her family 2s instantly.

There’s only one way to handle this. America must make the prince hate her.

Come get this fantastic book and find out how the first installment of this great new trilogy goes! I adored it, and I think you will too!

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