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The Selection by Kiera Cass- One of the BEST books of the year!

The Selection by Kiera Cass

WOW! One of the best books I’ve read!!! America is an amazing character and so beautifully well written! The Bachelor meets dystopian society meets a caste system and completely original! America is an independent girl who is in love with Aspen, but Aspen’s place in society doesn’t allow them to be together. When the Selection documents arrive at the house America refuses to listen to her mother and apply to be the young prince’s bride, but Aspen and her mother wear her down and she makes the choice to submit her name to be marry the enigmatic Prince Maxon. It’s not long before she is uprooted and brought to the castle with dozens of girls. Prince Maxon and America become quick friends and finally America’s future is in her hands. Maxon is completely lovable and endearing! I cannot wait to see where Cass takes this story in the sequel. One of the best this year!!! Also I just heard that The CW has picked up the book as a new series for the fall!

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