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The Love of My Youth by Mary Gordon

The Love of My Youth

The Love of My Youth by Mary Gordon.

Rome IS the Eternal City. But to me it’s really a city of romance. I spent a month there while in grad school and strolled alone along the Tiber every day. I was struck by a cab (my fault, I wavered when crossing and they show no mercy to the weak!). I walked up and down streets and alleys as if I had grown up there. It was such a wonderfully familiar experience for my first time abroad. Rome felt like home to me. I thought one day I’d return with a lover. That hasn’t happened yet but I am still hopeful. But for now I have books and when I find a book set in Rome I’m set.

Mary Gordon has given me that chance to relive those glorious days in Rome. And that silky, green Tiber on the cover sends me back to a time and place when romance was in the air and I was having the time of my life. It’s always great to get lost in a good book.


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