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Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins



This is one of the most original interpretations of the
angel/fallen angel genre! I loved this book and found myself dreaming of
the world Higgins created! Anna I loved but Kaidan was one of the most
versatile and well thought out characters I have read about in a long
time. I fell in love with Kaidan and never wanted the book to end!
Anna has always been drawn to danger but she has suppressed her
urges her whole life. A chance meeting with the beautiful and ubber sexy
Kaidan changes her whole life. In a matter of days, she’s taking a cross
country trip with Kaidan  to meet a nun and her dad (who she has never
met, and oh, he’s in jail!). On their cross-country trip Anna learns her
real heritage, she is the child of a fallen angel as is Kaidan. When her
dad finds out who she’s been traveling with is probably one of the best
scenes in the book. One of my favorite reads and I am hoping for a
sequel because I need more Kaidan and Anna!!!

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