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Opening Skinner’s Box: Part Deux

Opening Skinner’s Box sold because there’s a Skinner working at Market Block Books. What’s not to buy when your name is on a book? It’s ten interesting psychological experiments of the 20th century from the Skinner box (and no, we did not put our kids in a box- they’re that way they are because they had two very lucky parents who apparently didn’t mess up too badly) to Harry Harlow’s experiments offering monkeys the choice between soft fuzzy dry mothers and metal milk-bearing ones.
The experiments and the experimenters are pretty bizarre and Slater gives a pretty complete background on the psychologists, a strange crew to put it mildly, as well as a very readable summary of the experiments for which they became known. These stories are so well told that non scientists will enjoy each one and will learn so much psychology in the process.
Slater continues the educational process begun by Oliver Sachs in his book, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. If you enjoyed that and if you believe that truth is often stranger than fiction, grab a copy of this book for yourself and enjoy it.

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