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No books on the nightstand!

I’ve fallen between piles and I can’t get up! Or out! Well, that’s what it seems. I finished my last book and I have not been able to start a new book. Just not sure which one to pick, and there’s a huge stack staring at me. So, I’ve been drifting between my stove and my computer and not reading anything new yet. I have a copy of “Treasure Planet” to watch, that cartoon version of Treasure Island but I just couldn’t sit still for it. Even though my favorite five year old customer recommends it highly!

I did make an awesome batch of BBQ Tofu last night from the Veganomicon, including their recipe for killer BBQ sauce, with a side order of quinoa tabouli (my own invention). I really love this cookbook!

Finally, as I was climbing into bed I saw a book that caught my eye:

Something Missing by Matthew Dicks
2009-07 – Paperback
Broadway Books

I had the opportunity to hear this author speak last month at a conference in Vermont. He was hilarious! And the book has a good feel about it. The book is due to come out next Tuesday the 14th and I think it’ll be a popular read. It’s the story of a thief who has an unusual sensibility about the way he robs people, whom he calls “clients.” The fussier readers will appreciate his tidy ways, while others of us might groan with recognition, but ultimately I suspect most of you will laugh.

2 Responses to “No books on the nightstand!”

  1. Ann →
    July 10, 2009 at 7:52 am #

    Wonderful choice! I'm going to talk about Something Missing on the next episode of Books on the Nightstand (an interesting riff on your post title, no?). It is such a great summer book: light but satisfying. Maybe even better than your tofu!

  2. Bookseller →
    July 10, 2009 at 7:55 am #

    That BBQ Tofu will be pretty hard to beat! It was divine! Truly food of the gods! But yes, "Something Missing" is a delight. I'm snuggling into it now.