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New Year New Adult Romances

It’s a new year and with a new year comes a ton of books. Some of New Adult and Romance’s celebrated stars will be releasing the next book in their series or even starting new ones, and I for one can’t wait.

Kresley Cole’s new book, The Professional, is a romantic mystery. Natalie hires a private eye to find her birth parents but it doesn’t go as planned. She finds herself kidnapped by the hunky Sevastyan who throws her onto a private jet headed to Russia. I can’t say too much more without giving major plot points away. Look for this book by Gallery Books in May.  http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/book/9781476762319

Deceptive Innocence by Kyra Davis looks at revenge in a whole new way. Ever since Bell’s mother was sent to jail for a crime she didn’t commit, she has been set on bringing down the Gable family. She’s smart and cunning, willing to do anything to exact her revenge, even if it means breaking her own heart. This new book is a departure from Davis’s usual erotic novels, focusing more on the intrigue and character development than she has in the past. It’s due out in June from Gallery Books. http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/book/9781476756318

Collide and Pulse by Gail McHugh are two of my favorite books to be released in 2014.  Emily has had it really rough, when she moves out to New York City she’s intent on staying with her controlling boyfriend, Dillon, who stood by her side as she watched her mother pass away. Even Gavin Blake’s attention isn’t enough to pull her away. But Gavin isn’t one to give up easily. What happens next will leave you reading until the wee hours… Collide is due April while you’ll have to wait till July for Pulse, both are published by Atria Books. http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/book/9781476765341           http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/book/9781476765365

The True Believers series by Erin McCarthy is a beautiful series about a group of college friends. The order so far is True, Sweet, and Believe- I’m on pins and needles waiting to read the next one. True starts the series off strong. Rory’s friends find out she’s a virgin, gasp, and they set out to correct that, in walks Tyler. In the second book, Rory’s best friend Jessica has lied to her strict parents about her summer plans so she’s stuck hanging out with Rory’s boyfriend’s brother, Riley. The sparks fly, but so does the chaos. The third book is probably my favorite. Robin was a good-time girl, never one to turn down a good party, until she wakes up in bed with her friend’s boyfriend. Phoenix is just out of jail and crashing on Tyler and Riley’s couch. Can these two broken souls find happiness? You’ll have to read to find out! The books are due out May, June and July 2014 by Penguin Putnam.                                                                                                                                    http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/book/9780425275511

Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young is the third book in the series that began with Joss and Braden in On Dublin Street. Olivia, Johanna’s cousin, has moved to Scotland and has been folded into Joss, Johanna and Ellie’s world. But her shy nature has limited her interaction with the opposite sex. She turns to her best friend, Nate, for assistance. Can two best friends have sex without affecting their friendship or the friendships with others? This is a can’t miss book series. Available now from Penguin.                                              http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/book/9780451466686

I really enjoyed Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series. It began with Rule, then Jet, then Rome and soon to come Nash. The men are tatted, gorgeous and damaged. I could not put these books down, even re-reading them when the next book in the series came out. Harper Collins http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/book/9780062302403

Jodi Malpas may be considered the newest and best erotic writer with her series, This Man. I have been waiting, rather impatiently, for the final book in the series, This Man Confessed. Ava is an interior designer set on making a name for herself. Jesse Ward is used to getting what he wants, and one look at Ava convinces him that she is all he needs. Three books of pursuit, sex and fights will leave you anxious and eager for a forever after. I was really impresses by Jodi’s writing as well as her ability to make you fall in love with her characters, as flawed as they are.         The third book is due next Tuesday from Forever.                                                                                                             http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/book/9781455578313

Rachel Van Dyken’s Eagle Elite series is an ebook only series which I loved. A little mob, little college drama and lots of amazing characters make this series one of my favorites. The first book explores Trace’s first year at college where she meets the Elect, a group of populars who seems to rule the school, led by Nixon. The second book is full of intrigue and so many plot twists I had to re-read it to make sure I go everything. Both books are now available from  Forever.  http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/ebook/9781455554164

I am in love with Jessica Sorensen’s books! She writes from the heart about very damaged people finding love and a bit of happiness. My favorite couple has to Callie and Kayden. Luke and Violet, Ella and Micha and Lily and Ethan all have their own amazing books that will be out this year. I highly recommend them all! They are published by Forever.                                                                                                                    http://bookhouse.indiebound.com/book/9781455576500


I hope you enjoy all these books as much as I do, and as always KEEP READING!

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