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New release: Lost City of Z (paperback)

Rejoice loyal readers and give thanks that the much anticipated paperback release of David Grann’s masterful Lost City of Z has finally arrived. We here at the store have been talking about this book since its hardcover release last year, and we just can’t get enough of it. This is one of those books that you read and have to keep reminding yourself that it’s not a novel. It’s one part history, one part biography, one part geography, and a large part travel lit, all wrapped up in a neat 319 pages.

Historically, the book is about the British explorer Percy Fawcett, whose exploits are now the stuff of legend. Not only did Fawcett venture deep into the Amazon jungle without the aid of machine, radio, or modern medicine, but he did it without the large expeditionary forces common to the era. He mapped much of the Bolivian borderlands, befriended many native Amazonian groups, and even engaged in wartime espionage. In 1925 he entered the jungle one final time to search for a place he called The City of Z, he was never seen again.

David Grann retraces his routes, sifts through his journals and papers, and uncovers the hidden messages Fawcett left behind. He travels to the jungle to traverse the same roads and meet the tribes Fawcett wrote about in his journals. What he ultimately learns on his journey will change the way you think about the Amazon.

We hope you’ll come down to the store and take a look at Lost City of Z. The audio (CD) version is also available here at the store and makes a wonderful companion to any long trip. Stay warm (by thinking about the Amazon?) and have a great week. Kurt.

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