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New Adult- What?!

Everywhere I look they’re talking about this new genre- “New Adult”. I asked for some clarification but it seems everyone’s opinion varied. Here’s how I understand it: New Adult is aimed at the mature 18-30 year olds. The books tend to have mature sexual themes and lately the ones I’ve been reading all have some kind of issues they look at- ie. abusive father. alcoholic mother, rape, abuse- you get the idea.

So why do I read these books like they’re literary heroin—-because I do. I can’t seem to get enough- whether it’s a good girl on the run from her psycho ex or the abused girl who falls for the one boy who can heal her— I need to read it.

I have a few favorites and others that were just great reads. Ready?

Hopeless and it’s companion book Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover- get ready for some tears. Sky and Holden are two amazingly strong characters and these books will take you through every emotion.

Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams- well anything by McAdams is angst filled. You’ll be yelling at the characters from page one and sometimes things don’t quite work out. McAdams is a pro at the emotional roller coaster.

Wait for You by J. Lynn-  Avery fled her town to get away from the rumors that surrounded her throughout high school/ Now in college all she wants to do is keep her head down and get through it until Cam walks into her life. Cam changes her, challenges her and supports her even when her past comes crashing down on her.

Torn and it’s companion book Twisted by K.A. Robinson- In Torn, Chloe has practically raised herself and putting herself through college is just one more thing she does for herself. Her best friends Amber and Logan support her along the way. The dark mysterious, tattooed Drake finds his way into her life and nothing will ever be the same. Lost friendships, cheating and a lot of OMG’ing later you’re in Twisted an unbelievable follow-up!

10 Tiny Breaths and it’s companion book 1 Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker- Kasey has lived half a life since the death of her parents and boyfriend. She exists to care for her little sister. Fleeing her negligent Aunt and abusive uncle, she takes her sister to Florida setting up new lives. It’s not until Trent walks into her life that she sees what she’s been missing. 1 Tiny Lie follows Livvie as she goes to Princeton.

Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen- I love Sorenesen’s ability to pull you into the plot and keep you there no matter what’s happening near you. I could have been in a raging fire and wouldn’t have noticed until my book became a torch- that’s how good she is. These are the kinds of stories that you’re pulling out your hair waiting for the sequel. The sequel, The Redemption of Callie and Kayden is due out next month and is at the top of my waiting list.

My Favorite Mistake and Deeper We Fall by Chelsea M. Cameron- I love her writing style, quick wit and the characters- they are everything you want. My Favorite Mistake centers around a rooming mistake at the college dorms that thrusts Hunter and Taylor into a small room and a little bet- “Love me or Hate me and I’ll leave” Hunter tells her. In Deeper We Fall, a tragic accident follows Lottie to college when the boys responsible for her friend’s injuries show up at her dorm. When she starts falling for one she questions her sanity and her heart, but she knows she must learn to forgive and give herself the freedom to really live.



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