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Marathon: How One Battle Changed Western Civilization

Marathon: How One Battle Changed Western Civilization (Penguin)

Marathon, 490 B.C.
The Greeks versus the Persians in an epic battle that would change the course of history. Do you know the legend of Philippides? The story goes that he ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to tell of the Greek victory over the seemingly unstoppable Persian army. It’s what lead to modern day marathon racing. Another hot name in this event? Athenian general Miltiades, the first of the Greeks to successfully lead an outfitted phalanx of hoplites into battle, using new military tactics that would show them how to achieve their victories again and again in future battles. This was one of my favorite battles to study, and still is fascinating to see the effects of! All the references are listed in the back, making the book easier to read for those of us who aren’t scholars. Give it a try! It comes complete with maps and illustrations to give you a clearer image of this turning point in the history of Western Civilization.

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