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Lucky Peach Issue 3

Lucky Peach Issue 3 .

Lucky Peach 3

Lucky Peach is a quarterly journal of food and writing published by McSweeney’s.  With that statement alone you can bet it’s going to have a unique point of view. And that’s my expectation. And  even if you’re not familiar with McSweeney’s this is a perfect for foodies who are looking for something a bit more untraditional. This is the third issue with an emphasis on chefs, and not the chefs you see on the television these days, but they do have their presence here. The writing can be bold and edgy but I find that thought provoking. In this issue there’s a marvelous article by Anthony Bourdain about films which feature food. (It’s Bourdain, so brace yourself!) There’s an informative article about whether you should go to cooking school or not. A quick piece on injuries sustained by chefs. There’s even an homage to a beautifully clean toilet! Hey, this covers every aspect of running a restaurant! And yes, there are terrific recipes (duh!), interviews/conversations, and more. It’s NOT “Bon Apetit” and it’s not trying to be. But I’m hooked on it. It’s no secret that I love cookbooks. I read them with the same enthusiasm that I read a novel. So, I’ve been waiting for a magazine like this.

This is the third issue and we still have copies of Issue 2. Pick it up and see for yourself. And LOOK! it has a handlebar moustache on the cover! It’s gotta be good, right? (The locals will understand what I’m talking about here.) Here’s the real point of this blurb: don’t carry magazines in our store but we do carry this one. What does that tell you?

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