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Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick.

I’m not one of those people. You know, the type the one who can talk about celebrities and list their movies. I suck at trivia, at least in the rich & famous category. And the older I get the less I want to remember these things. I just want to be quieter, read more, eat good food that I prepare. Saying all this that makes me the least likely person to read and like the newest book by Paul Rudnick, Gorgeous. But you see that last part is the most important: written by Paul Rudnick. I think he’s such a funny and clever writer. Ever see the movie “Addams Family Values?” There are so many great lines, wonderfully delivered, that I howled through the whole movie. And so it is that I eagerly dived into this book.

Here’s the reality: it’s written for teens (sort of), girls (and a few gays?) and there are references to fashion that I just don’t get. But let me repeat, it’s by Paul Rudnick and I love the way he writes. So, all that being said, I loved this book! Yes, this 59 year old man squealed and cried and giggled his way through this book. Should you read it? You tell me. It’s got some implausible moments, but it’s a piece of fiction and it’s a modern day fairy tale. You’re going to figure this one out for yourself.

If you’re not ready then try something else of his like I’ll Take it. But it looks like this older title from 1990 might be hard to get. Still, trust me that Rudnick has his charm. And if you want a bit of an escape or know someone who needs a good laugh (and a good cry) then this may be the very book you’re looking for.

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