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Ghost Knight – Loved this!!!

Ghost Knight
(Little, Brown)

I [had] only finished this book minutes ago [when I wrote this last night], and I already can’t wait to talk to you about this book! I don’t care whether you’re eight years old or have eight grand-children, you’re going to love this book. That is, if you love a good (great, amazing, fantastic,) ghost-story…

Jon Whitcroft is eleven-years-old when he is first sent to boarding school in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. He is absolutely sure that the only reason he was sent was because The Beard, his mother’s evil boyfriend, wants him out of the way. His mother claims though that he has nothing to do with it. Everyone else seems to love The Beard, but Jon sees right through him. None of it matters now though, because Jon is stuck far away in boarding school. Stuck in a room with two other boys, Angus and Stu. Guarded day and night by the house wardens, Edward Popplewell and his wife Alma – who smells so strongly of lavender soap it makes Jon gag. Surrounded by the school, the Cathedral, and all the tourists imaginable.

These, he quickly finds, are the very least of his problems.

Jon’s ancestry is about to become an astonishing burden here at Salisbury Cathedral School, and there is only one person, alive at least, who can help him. Ella Littlejohn, with the knowledge and guidance of her quirky grandmother Zelda, is the one to approach him in seriousness after the a rumor quickly spreads around their school. Jon Whitcroft claims he saw ghosts, and Ella says she knows how to help him.

Through an astonishing journey across the county of Wiltshire, from Cathedrals to Abbeys, from Schools to Stonehenge, Jon and Ella form a friendship that makes you want nothing but to keep reading. Their late-night adventures are described with imagery that leaps from the pages so clearly that you don’t need even to look at the simply fantastic illustrations that fill the book (courtesy of Andrea Offerman) – but you still definitely want to! This compelling and emotion-filled, action-packed story is bound to be a classic. Cornelia Funke has done it again!!

I cannot stress how simply amazing this book is! Read it! Read it! Make your friends read it! You won’t regret it!!! Look how excited I am!!!

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