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Escoffier: Le Guide Culinaire

Escoffier: Le Guide Culinaire. (Wiley)

Escoffier: Le guide culinaire

I love to cook. I love to read. When I’m too tired to pick up the novel-du-jour I reach for a cookbook. The bookcase next to my couch is where my cookbooks live. Cooking takes planning and strategy: notes, grocery list and dreaming about a meal.

I received a 1961 edition of Escoffier. It’s been chewed up by a dog, the cover’s mssing but all the pages are there. There is no clutter in the Escoffier. The  progression of recipes goes from an array of sauces to sweets and jams at the end. It’s methodical and elegantly simple to follow. The book is a complete education for a cook. And don’t be alarmed by the $70 price tag. This is THE source book for all chefs. It’s the primer they start you on at the C.I.A. in Hyde Park. Your education starts here with this book and you should own this volume if you’re serious about food.

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