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Cooking from the Farmers’ Market

Cooking from the Farmers’ Market (Weldon Owen)

Have you been to the Farmer’s Market? We have a fantastic one here in Troy, every Saturday from  9:00-1:00 (and a smaller version every Wednesday afternoon). It’s filled with great fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and all sorts of food related items, along with various soaps and lotions and candles. If you haven’t been but have been thinking about it, here’s the perfect book for you. Even if you have gone, but haven’t felt confident enough to hand pick your vegetables straight from the farmers’ hands you should give it a try!

Cooking from the Farmer’s Market is filled with beautiful pictures that make you hungry even if you’ve just had a three-course-dinner. It’s packed with recipes, and the pictures with them are amazing! Don’t know how to pick out just the right Fennel stalks, or what to do with the rutabagas you bought on a whim? This book tells all! With tips and tricks on how to make everything work out just right, this book is irresistible! It’s brand new, so be sure not to miss it. It’s sure to fly right off the shelf!

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