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"Best Job in the World!"

Yesterday a customer told me I had the “best job in the world.” Which includes “working downtown and selling books” and I would add, being in walking distance to work. What a job! I’m guessing he was a bit of a book lover himself. But I had to agree with him.

I’m up early today, my normal day off, to head into the store for today’s Victorian Stroll. And unlike most Decembers, we have a sunny, but chilly, day ahead of us. That bodes well. I stayed at the store late last night doing last minute tidying up. “Working at a bookstore is like living on a ship. There are just so many places to put things and it gets easily cluttered,” so says Mary. And she would be right. Any business gets inundated by paperwork, mail, trash. It doesn’t take long for that to build up. But we’re pretty much shipshape and ready for today’s event. Maybe we’ll see you there. I’ll bring my camera to work and will hope to post a few pictures from the day.

Tonight, if I’m not too worn out by the Stroll, I’m hoping to start reading The Trial of Bat Shea by Jack Casey. It’s an historic novel that takes place in Troy, NY at the end of the 19th century.

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