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I discovered two things in the second grade that changed my life forever: God and books. I've loved both of them ever since. I enjoy reading just about anything as long as it's good writing. I like fiction, poetry, literary criticism, philosophy, spirituality, Thomas Merton, the Desert Mothers & Fathers, queer studies, and especially a good cookbook.

Recent blog posts written by Stanley

Healing in a book

Birds In Fallby Brad KesslerHardcover, $24.00Scribner074328738x In the early 1990′s I rented movies from a shop called “Video Horizons.” The two women who staffed it were healers. I’m not so sure they knew the nature of their respective callings, but they fixed me when I was broken. Well, they fixed pieces of me to be […]

Rivers of Americaby Tim PalmerHardcover, $40.00Harry Abrams0810954850 [I wrote the following in a letter to a friend.] I live two short blocks from the Hudson River and have no access to it in my neighborhood, due to the industries that hog the shoreline. In fact, most of Troy and nearly all of Albany are cut […]

The Indigo Girls have a song that begins, “Get out the map…” and Lonely Planet (publisher of travel guides for the adventurous) had a recent slogan that said “Leave The Country.” I’m a firm believer that world travel is good for the United States. Going to a foreign country is so good for the soul. […]

Return from Manhattan. As usual, I had a relaxing time in New York City. Typically I head to the Village for my favorite coffee shop but I chose to lay low and read. David made reservations at a cozy Italian restaurant called Piccolo Angelo (621 Hudson Street), on the corner of Jane and Hudson. What […]

Who knew that the week was going to end up like this? It started out with so much promise. Sunday was one of those stay at home days. A drenching rain, a chill in the air. I propped myself up on my couch, made a cup of tea and pulled out the latest book I’ve […]

Sudoku Mind, Zen Mind By now most folks are familiar with the Sudoku craze. It wasn’t too long ago when a customer came into the store asking about them long before they were popular. She didn’t even know how to spell the word. I did a search online and found nothing. And today we’re nearly […]

Somewhere back in junior high I discovered the writings of Agatha Christie. I got hooked by the first book. By the time I had graduated from high school I had read forty of her novels. My sister would read them as well and we’d have a little contest to see who could solve the murders […]

Encountering ‘the Other’by Jean VanierPaperback, $8.95Paulist Press0809144093 Sixty-two pages. Encountering ‘the Other’ is a simple book which addresses a great problem. But maybe that’s what we need, a simple solution to a huge problem. Jean Vanier works with human beings. Vanier founded L’Arche communities in France, Canada, Australia and the United States. He’s written books […]

The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on EarthEdward O. WilsonHardcover, $21.95Norton0393062171 Our world, our brains and our bellies. These three books touch on some vital issues. Creation is an open letter by Wilson to a pastor in an attempt to find some common ground instead of getting hung up on language. Ever the scientist, […]

Thirst: Poemsby Mary OliverHardcover, $22.00Beacon Press0807068969 If you haven’t met me then you’ve possibly never hear me quote Mary Oliver’s poetry. In a bookstore in Albuquerque I first read her poem “Wild Geese.” I wept. Her words were both comforting and jarring. Suddenly I had the language to describe that searing sense of aloneness merged […]