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Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

Angelology By Danielle Trussoni
2010-03 – Hardcover
Viking Books
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Recently the Palace Theater showed To Kill A Mockingbird on the big screen. I grew up going to this theater as often as I could. It’s a grand space and still pulls me back in time when I walk through the lobby and sit in a seat. A customer took her class to see this movie after reading it in class. The kids were surprised to see how much of the book was cut from the movie. Oh, yes, these are hard lessons. And yet we seem surprised when a movie doesn’t hold up to the book. As I always say, “you can’t judge a book by its movie.” There’s nothing that can replace what happens when a book unleashed the imagination.

I’m a sucker for certain books. Now, that may not be the best way to start a review for a book but I like to get this out in the open. For whatever reason, if a book is set locally then I feel a stronger connection to the story. I suspect there are others who feel that same draw. And if you throw in a convent of nuns, well then, you’ve got me hooked! Okay, it’s not really THAT simple. I like good writing and a good story. And this is what Danielle Trussoni delivered! When I was told about the premise of this book I rolled my eyes and thought it was just another Dan Brown tale (not that his stories don’t entertain- they do) but I didn’t want to read a predictable tale. I was not disappointed. I fell under the thrall of this thriller.

I can tell you that part of this story takes place along the Hudson River, maybe near Poughkeepsie. Along the banks of the river is a convent of Franciscan nuns. Picturesque, tranquil, alluring. In that setting is where a secret is held. Downriver in Manhattan there is a man doing research on their benefactor Abigail Rockefeller. His employer turns out to be an angel. But before you get misty-eyed let me say that these angels are not the kind that show up in a Frank Capra movie and this is no wonderful life we’re about to pursue. The race of angels living on the planet are the fallen angels who are the power behind the thrones of Europe. They are cruel, smart and rich. And they will stop at nothing to keep what they have.

With all that set in motion the book takes us back in time to the beginning of all stories, to the Book of Genesis and how these creatures we able to shape human history. The story is an exciting read which held me captive from beginning to end. Angelology will give you a ride you won’t easily forget. Sister Evangeline, the main character, anchors the book with a sense of presence that makes you believe this convent is real. Too often religious fiction (especially when made into movies) panders to stereotypes of nuns, but here is a heroine that doesn’t fall victim to those hollow images we see in “The Bells of St. Mary.” But when this book becomes a movie (and you can be sure it will) and the the star is stunningly beautiful with ninja-like moves and blood splatters the screen, you will have been forewarned. Read the book! Take hold of this story and let your imagination have a little fun.

-Stanley Hadsell

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