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And the Winner of the Pulitzer Isn’t – NYTimes.com

And the Winner of the Pulitzer Isn’t – NYTimes.com.

Ann Patchett once again proves she’s a smart writer and a smart reader. And her point, that we ALL lose when there is no Pulizter winner, is dead on. I love her line:

“The brick-and-mortar bookstore, as people seem to point out to us hourly, is not exactly a thriving business model (though we are doing fine), and the publishing industry, especially since the Department of Justice has decided to be Amazon’s bodyguard, is struggling as well.”

Thank you Ann for sharing a truth that gets crushed too often by the juggernauts of our time. The book industry needs all the cheering on/up it can get. Without a Pulitzer prize we are denied some of the pomp and glory around books.

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