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It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!

(No, really, there’s no sarcasm hidden in the above statement!)
(But maybe in the second statement?)
Actually, I like this time of the year. But for retailers it does present a bit of a challenge to one’s serenity. Well, if not a threat to serenity, then a threat to keeping all the balls juggling in the air at one time! Like a blog (or two).

I’m on the verge of switching the content of this blog over to a new blog that will represent the staff’s ongoing dialogue about books and bookselling. So, keep an eye out for that blog to be “rolled out.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we managed to make it through the Victorian Stroll. There was a constant flow of folks through the store. Gift wrapping was staffed by the able folks from the Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County. This year we are accepting donations for gift wrapping that will benefit the Literacy Volunteers. You can’t imagine what a boon it is to have volunteer wrappers for the holidays. We do gift wrapping all year long, but you can bet the wrapping needs are greater at this time.

The window readers are back for the month of December. The announcement of this practice has been low key at best. But readers are showing up, with book in hand to spend an hour reading. You may not think it possible, but sitting in our window, in the middle of a busy season is really quite the respite from the insanity of the
season. Give it a try. There are still plenty of opportunities to sit a spell and read. (And this year we’ve added a small space heater for extra reader comfort.)

And this year, we are asking our window readers (if you are able) to get a sponsor for your sitting time as another way to raise money and awareness for the Literacy Volunteers.

Thanks for reading.

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