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Midnight snack?

Another series has been getting a bit of attention lately. It is not as big a buzz as Harry Potter, but certainly it’s getting attention. The series is by Stephenie Meyer and features a paranormal romance with a vampire. This series, which concludes with the sale of the last volume Breaking Dawn, is marketed to the female teen reader. There’s even a breakaway adult title The Host which some readers have snatched up. We’ve sold a fair number of books in the series but nothing compared to the juggernaut of the HP series. And this Twilight series has only recently been selling briskly for us.

Some stores will have a midnight debut of the book. Vampire themes. A late nite bite! I haven’t been bitten by the “Edward” frenzy (he’s the vampire hero of the story) but I can appreciate any excitement about books. I’m a book lover and lover of readers. How can I not enjoy the excite of young people and adults who are eagerly looking forward to the next book. I’ve been in their shoes. But I’m glad I don’t have to stay up late tonight. I’ll be there in the morning, when the dawn breaks to open the store and sell some books.

Speaking of vampires. we’re hoping to have a GRAND Halloween party this year, which takes place on the night of Troy Night Out! The theme will be vampires and zombies and we should have LOTS of fun.

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