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Book Porn
This is the catalog from the current W.W. Norton catalog. I just love this cover. Like all things that are so overtly bookish, I put this cover art into the category of “book porn.” Who else but a bookseller (we know librarians would NEVER admit this in public) would have a category of such art?

It’s buying season these days. Sales reps come in with countless catalogs to show the Spring and Summer line up. Norton has a new title coming out that will be popular for the City of Troy. At least that’s our guess.

Nightingales of Troy_2 The Nightingales of Troy
To Be Published JULY 2008
Pre-orders being accepted

I hope you enjoy it. It could be popular for the “battle of the book covers” on the right hand side of this blog. What do you think?

Thanks, Norton!

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  1. Rodney →
    September 4, 2008 at 9:16 pm #

    Maybe I differ with Stanley on this book. Most of the stories seemed to me to be more character sketches than stories. Masterful character sketches they are, though.

    I enjoyed “The Real Eleanor Rigby” for the obvious research on the Beatles that went into it and the brainstorming extrapolation the author engaged in.

    The only real story with a plot, and a plot twist as well, is “Centrally Isolated”. That gem is more than worth the price of the book!