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I Dated Dumbledore

Now that it’s all over the press I guess I can finally talk about the love that dare not speak its name.

It’s not easy dating a fictional character. You always want the guy to break out of character, and even a great wizard like Dumbledore is tied to the plotline. Still, we had a wonderful time while it lasted. A long, white beard and flowing robes always turn my head, and Dee (as I liked to call him) was quite the looker. The books don’t do him justice and no actor alive can capture his animal magnetism and those milky blue eyes! I still swoon at the thought of him.

People always said that a wizard-muggle relationship wouldn’t work but we proved them wrong. But all that wizard gossip got vicious at times. We’d still be together but I clearly saw the need to step out of the picture because Harry needed lots of help fulfilling his destiny. I was honored to have the time with Dee but we both understood the greater call of destiny.

I don’t regret a single moment of our time and our eventual break up. All relationships have their life span and we made great use of the time we had together. Actually, to be totally candid, when you date a wizard like Dee ANYTHING is possible. My friends wink and nod about what they perceive to be a one night stand with an old man, but they didn’t know about Dumbledore’s ability to alter time. That was a huge secret I have been unable to talk about until now. Dee made that one night last for 50 years. A long and fulfilling relationship. But ultimately I wanted to live in the present. Years of reading Merton instilled that value in me. And I was missing Upstate New York. Sure, Dee could just pop in from time to time, which he did, but there’s a lot to be said for being settled down, having tea at a decent hour and long chats in front of the fire. But we all have to make sacrifices, and we both made this painful one willingly.

I still have a gleam in my eye when I think of Dee. And I chuckle when I think that he was willing to wear that plum suit I gave him despite all the mocking he took over it. That’s when the rumors of being a fruit really started to fly! But we both laughed it off.

I want to say a special thanks to Jo (we all call Ms. Rowling that) for outing Albus (I never really cared for his first name). It’s not like it was a great big secret but it was just one of those things that we didn’t have to talk about, especially in England. But I can’t believe the relief I feel in being able to tell you all this now.

Life is so much easier when you can be yourself.

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  1. Rodney →
    November 3, 2007 at 10:23 pm #

    I can vouch for most everything you say, as I monitored much beneath that Cloak of Invisibility!