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Knowledge is dangerous!

This is exactly the kind of book I would have loved as a boy. I had similar books but nothing that covered the spectrum of this volume. From making paper planes, to essential poems, to making codes, to juggling, to Shakespeare, to history, this book will keep you busy. THEN maybe your kid will be able to get it out of your grip and enjoy it as well. I’ll bet most guys will get this for themselves, but there’s a lot of boys who’ll love this book. (And maybe more than a handful of girls!) I read an uncorrected proof of this book (see the cover below) and was pleased to see the finished product when it arrived.

The Dangerous Book For Boys web page is a great way to get familiar with the book before you show up in the store. And if you want to be TRULY SNEAKY you can buy this book, keep it hidden away, and use the ideas for those days when the kids are truly bored: rainy days, long car trips, stuck at home when you’re sick. This is the parent’s friend, the teacher’s friend, and soon to be YOUR friend.

You’re gonna love it!


The Dangerous Book for Boys
By Conn and Hall Iggulden (a couple of clever Brits)
Hardcover, $24.95
Collins (HarperCollins)

(This is the US release of the British title. Sadly, I don’t see the rules for Cricket in the US edition. I’ve been wanting to learn those rules for a long time. Guess I need ANOTHER book! Sigh! So, okay, it’s NOT the perfect book after all, but pretty darned near perfect!)

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