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Sudoku Mind, Zen Mind

By now most folks are familiar with the Sudoku craze. It wasn’t too long ago when a customer came into the store asking about them long before they were popular. She didn’t even know how to spell the word. I did a search online and found nothing. And today we’re nearly overwhelmed.

So, let me say this: “I love Sudoku!” It’s true. There’s something about the process that I find so calming. I typically do one each day, usually at the end of the day. It quiets my mind. But the puzzles have also become the perfect way to pass time when I can’t really focus on reading. Like today at the laundromat, I managed to do two while the clothes were drying. (I actually sat outside in the sun to read a short story, but the clouds came and I went back inside.) My laundromat plays music all the time and it bugs me. So, I open the Sudoku book and the numbers take over.

You know how the puzzle works, right. You use the numbers 1-9 and no repeats in the same row or column, and no repeats in the smaller box of nine. Logic is how you solve this, not by math. Math fretters, fear not!

I was told in high school, by a very lousy teacher, that I wasn’t good at math. And for a couple of years I believed her until I took an advanced Algebra class and got straight A’s! When I mentioned to my new teacher how my earlier teacher doubted my math skills, she just rolled her eyes. To this day I owe a great debt of gratitude to Mrs. Knight at Bethlehem Central for changing my relationship to numbers and math.

So, let me say this about about. Some of you come in the store and tell me you are “no good at math” and I have to wonder if those are really YOUR words or did someone plant them in your head? Don’t listen to them! Find out for yourself what your strengths are! Explore by your own experiences and discoveries.

Look at that Sudoku as a challenge to an old way of thinking. I keep inviting you to open your mind. Sudoku is mind opening.

Just numbers. Possibly fun!

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